Loft Conversions Barnet


Loft Conversions Barnet

Do you live in Barnet? Does your home have a loft? Barnet Loft Conversions are becoming more and more popular year by year as your loft is often your home’s largest area but we rarely give that a thought!

Although some lofts are not convertible, most are, and if you live in Barnet it could be a great idea for you to have a loft conversion and start making use of the unused space up there. If you are considering a loft conversion, Parkview will advise and discuss the various external styles, depending on roof shape as well as the internal design.

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"It's hard to find a builder you can trust nowadays, so I was fortunate that Jack Koumis and his lads did my conversion. They worked to a high standard, were always courteous and never left me stranded by disappearing off-site like so many builders do!"
Tony Robinson
(Actor / TV Presenter)
Parkview undertook a very complex and difficult building project for me. The quality of the work and professionalism were second to none. Aside from the quality, what sets them apart from other building company’s was that they solved problems rather than created them, turned up when they said were going to and got the job done with efficiency and as little stress as possible. I have no hesitation in recommending them to new customers.
Leon Charles Chartered Accountants
London W1 - 25-Apr-12
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