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Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

How Safe is Your Family?

Carbon Monoxide

The consequences of a carbon monoxide or gas leak at home can be disastrous. Every year there are deaths and injuries in houses all over the World that could have been avoided with the installation of easy to use and cost effective gas detection equipment.

What is CO?

Carbon monoxide (CO), commonly termed “The Silent Killer” is a highly poisonous gas produced by any fossil fuel burning appliance (eg, gas, coal, diesel, oil, wood…etc) and has no smell, taste or colour.

Where does it come from?

It can leak from flues and cooking & heating appliances when they have been poorly maintained or simply break down.

Inadequate ventilation or blocked flues are frequently to blame but even adverse weather conditions have been the reason behind leaks that proved fatal. Leaks can be caused by many potential sources and are not always directly related to an appliance malfunction.

Modern housing insulation techniques, such as double-glazed windows, can exaggerate a problem by effectively creating an airtight environment.

What does it do?

When we breathe in air, vital oxygen is absorbed by the blood and transported around our body. Blood contains a special substance called “haemoglobin” which is used to carry the oxygen.

Unfortunately, haemoglobin will carry carbon monoxide in preference to oxygen. When we breathe in air containing carbon monoxide, the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen and in effect, we suffocate from the inside.

It can kill quickly when it leaks in large quantities or can build up over a period of time, initially causing symptoms such as headaches, nausea and dizziness.

These are often incorrectly diagnosed by the medical profession as flu. Ultimately, if the brain does not get sufficient oxygen, carbon monoxide will cause death.

If you would like any appliance checked? Call us on the number below, or click on the contact link, we will then arrange  to have one of our plumbers  visit to carry out the necessary tests.

Safety Detectors

We supply & install the latest range of CO, and Gas detectors. These units are inexpensive and may save your life.

Even if appliances are correctly installed and serviced regularly problems can occur (faults occurring in between service dates, adverse weather, etc). Where the safety of your family is concerned, it always makes sense to use gas detection devices to give you added piece of mind.

Dangerous gases can also seep into properties through shared flues and chimneys and people can be at risk from gases produced in neighbouring properties. Integral garages may also be a risk if an appliance is running without adequate ventilation.

If you would like to have installed a Safety Detector Device, call us on the number below, or click on the contact link, we will then arrange  to have one of our plumbers  visit to carry out the necessary works.

Gas Safety Checks and Certificates

Landlords Responsibilities

Landlords are legally responsible for making sure that their gas appliances, gas piping and flues in their properties are well maintained and safe. A Gas Safety Check should be carried out every 12 months by a gas engineer who is registered with Corgi. It is up to the landlord to arrange and pay for these checks.

The gas engineer will provide a record of each gas safety check. The landlord must keep these records for at least two years, and they should make sure you have a copy, as the Landlord. The report must include the following information:

  • the date of the inspection
  • the address of the property
  • the name and address of the landlord or their agent
  • a description of each appliance or flue checked, including where it is
  • anything which the installer finds wrong with the appliance or flue
  • anything they have done to put any problems right

The report must be signed by the person who carried out the check to confirm that it has been done properly. They must include their name, and their official registration number. This report is often known as the Gas Safety Certificate.

If you would like any appliance checked? Call us on the number below, or click on the contact link, we will then arrange  to have one of our plumbers  visit to carry out the necessary tests.

Condensing Boilers

A condensing boiler is a high efficiency modern boiler that incorporates an extra heat exchanger so that the hot exhaust gases lose much of their energy to pre-heat the water in the boiler system. When working at peak efficiency, the water vapour produced in the combustion process condenses back into liquid form releasing the latent heat of vaporisation. A side effect is that this water, known as condensate, which is usually acidic, has to be piped away to a drain or soak away.

If your existing boiler is more than 15 years old, replacing it with a condensing boiler could save you as much as 32p in the pound on your fuel bills.

If you are thinking of replacing your boiler? But you are not sure which type to have, give us a call on the number below and we shall be happy to dicuss the various options available.

Power Flush

Most central heating systems contain some magnetite sludge; many old systems contain excessive amounts. If you install a new boiler in a system containing excessive amounts of sludge it can be disturbed around the system and into your brand new boiler.

A Power Flush is the safe, clean and easy way to remove sludge (magnetite sludge) from your central heating system.

If your system shows any of the following symptoms, then both you and your central heating will benefit from this type of water treatment:

  • Cold spots
  • Poor circulation
  • Noisy systems
  • System blockages
  • Expensive bills
  • Dirty system water

By using the ‘Powerflush Machine’ our fully qualified engineers will be able to clean out the contamination within your system, and in one operation with no mess and no fuss, restore your installation to give your new boiler and system the best start. Once the system has been cleaned, we will refill the heating circuit and an inhibitor (chemical) will be added to protect your system in the future.

If you would like to book a power flush? Call us on the number below, or click on the contact link, we will then arrange  to have one of our plumbers  visit to carry out the necessary work.

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